SCBAShetland Cattle Breeders Association

Buying a Shetland Cow

Heifer in stable Heifer in stable Photo © Paddy Zakaria
The first step along the way to buying a Shetland is to see some actual cows in the flesh and to talk to owners about their experiences. Although some of our members do show their cattle, it is not a significant activity for most of us.
The herd welcomes Roxy - 2 hours old The herd welcomes Roxy - 2 hours old Photo © Barry Allen
In any case the best way to see Shetlands is in their working environment, be it on the farm, smallholding or conservation site, where you have the opportunity to see at first hand what they can do.

The SCBA has Area Representatives covering the whole of the UK and they can put you in touch with breeders in your area. For the commercial farmer we should be able to find someone who is crossbreeding their Shetlands, while if your interest is in conservation grazing we have several herds grazing a variety of sites.

Stock for sale are advertised on the Marketplace Page of this website and Area Representatives will know the situation within their area. The SCBA Secretary can put you in touch with your Area Representative. To contact the Secretary, click here.